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What History Class Never Taught You About Bras

the history of the brassiere - the female undergarmentToday we have yet another video from Glamour detailing the history of our favorite (under)garment - the bra!

It's supremely fascinating to see how much the bra has evolved over the past 2000 years. For example, did you know that the bra was actually used to conceal large breasts in ancient Roman times? Yup, an ample bust was considered ungainly, comical and shameful. Oh how times have changed!

After that, bra fashion transitioned from an hourglass-shaped focus, to an androgynous, pole-straight figure, and back to a voluptuous, curvy silhouette.

Interesting factoids to note include:

  • Bullet-shaped bras were popularised by Marilyn Monroe in the 50's, revived by Madonna in the 80's and most recently by (who other than) Katy Perry.
  • Bras with nipple-shaped protrusions were actually popular in the 70s, because it gave women a "cold weather sensual look" at the disco. Who would have thought.
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