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Is It Bad To Wear a Bra to Sleep? The Answer Might Surprise You...

Is It Bad To Wear a Bra to Sleep? The Answer Might Surprise You...

Sleeping with a BraFor most women, wearing a bra is a necessity that cannot be denied. Although some of us may not have the need to wear a bra all the time, most of the women in our society are a lot more comfortable wearing a bra all the time, even in bed. And they rely on this delicate undergarment to provide them with bust support and coverage. But the idea of wearing a bra to bed has ignited some concern for several women, especially with all the theories and myths surrounding bras.
With the increasing awareness about breast cancer, you’ve probably heard about the rumors about wearing bra to bed and how it may cause breast cancer. Breast sagging is also a concern among most women, and how wearing a bra while going to bed can weaken breast tissue which then causes your breasts to sag. The fact of the matter is, all these rumors are just myths. There is no scientific evidence to back all these claims. In fact, most experts agree that there is no direct correlation between wearing a bra to sleep and breast cancer, or even breast sagging. 

Whether you believe it or not, there is actually no evidence to support the idea that wearing a bra to bed is either detrimental or beneficial to your health. To understand why some women like to wear their bra when going to sleep and why others prefer to go braless in bed, you need to first get an idea about the basic purpose of a bra. Bras were originally created to provide firm support to the breasts. They provide lift and shape to your bosoms. This is the main function of a bra.

Over the years, however, more and more women are choosing bras because of their style and sophistication. Whether we like it or not, comfort and support have taken a backseat over fashion and elegance when it comes to choosing bras. Albeit being in style and opting for what is trendy are all good and nice, comfort and functionality should never be sacrificed when it comes to brassieres.

Apart from wearing a bra to bed, another theory suggests that wearing bras for longer periods can also cause breast cancer, as well as wearing certain types of bras like an underwire bra. This particular rumor was originally based on the idea that tight-fitting brassieres that are worn for long hours constrict the lymphatic system, making it unable to filter toxins out of the body. Overtime, toxins build up in the breast tissue, which can then cause breast cancer. This theory, however, has no scientific merit. There is no evidence to back up this claim.

A recent case-control study on postmenopausal women, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, has revealed that there is no association whatsoever between breast cancer risk and bra-wearing. Most of our fears about wearing bras all the time, even in bed, are based on a theory with no scientific proof. How silly is that?

What most of us fail to realize is that breast cancer risk is pretty much the same no matter how many hours per day you wear your bra, whether you wear it to bed or not, or whether or not you wear an underwire bra, or at what age you first started wearing a bra. The risk is pretty much similar. You’re better off worrying about what you eat or what you put in your body than worrying about your bras giving you breast cancer.

On the other hand, however, there is also no absolute scientific proof that wearing a bra to sleep is beneficial. Experts have never found any real benefits to wearing a bra to bed in their studies. As far as breast sagging is concerned, the real causes for breast changes like sagging are time, gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Over time, as we age, gravity will ultimately get its way no matter how hard we try. Breast augmentation may help keep your breasts firm and perky, but that’s about it. There is no bra or bra-wearing method in the world that will keep your breasts from changing over time. 

So to answer the question, is it bad to wear a bra to bed? The most reasonable answer would be, no. It ultimately depends on what you prefer and what makes you feel comfortable. Are you more comfortable going to bed in your bra, or do you prefer the more natural and refreshing approach like going commando? If you do like wearing a bra in bed, you should consider bras that are designed for sleeping.

It’s all about the functionality. Wearing an underwire bra to bed, for instance, can be uncomfortable and painful. Whereas a nice soft cup brassiere in satin and lace fabric might just give you the comfort you need while you doze off into dreamland.

If you must wear a bra to sleep, choose a nice soft satin bralette without underwires, like this Priscilla set.

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