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Hi there, my name is Bree. I’m 23, petite and so are my boobs.

Growing up, my small boobs were my biggest physical insecurity. Bra-shopping experiences during my teenage years were always frustrating and embarrassing. Either my mum would hassle me to get the thickest push-up bra, or the store didn’t stock my size (hovering between a 32AA and 32A). To add insult to injury, the saleslady would sometimes redirect me to the yoga/training bras.

My flat chest was a defect. Every other girl my age had something I didn't. Needless to say, it eroded my confidence during those already-awkward pubescent years. As I grew older, I learned to tolerate my body. At least I could run without the annoyance of jiggling pendulums. And I could save money by wearing the bras from 5th grade that still fit. Having tiny boobs wasn’t the end of the world; but, compared to other girls, I couldn’t help feeling less sexy, less womanly.

But then, my self-esteem turned around. I realised that my diminutive breasts might not be a deficit, but an asset. That is, I might not be missing out on anything. My small breasts add value. They don’t weigh me down when running. I can dress them up (with a push up bra) or down (with a bralette). I have the freedom of going braless whenever. I can also sleep on my stomach. I realised this “defect” might actually be an enhancement. (And for the record, sober men give tiny tits the same amount of love as any other tits.) Today, my small bust barely fills an A cup and fails the pencil test.  I’m damn proud of it.

Love and acceptance are not the key. Only love is. Learn to turn your “defects” into assets, whether you’ve got no boobs, medium boobs, big boobs or six fingers.


So what's this got to do with Petite Cherry?

Every woman deserves to feel sexy, and at the foundation of sexy is how much you love yourself. That’s why I founded Petite Cherry. Our goal: to make all women love themselves, and, above all, appreciate how smokin' hot they are.

We’re starting with underwear, our second skin. As such, it should make us feel the most comfortable and confident form of ourselves. At Petite Cherry, we promise to create beautiful lingerie of unsurpassed quality and construction. 

Our evocative photography and descriptions give you an uncomplicated, true-to-life representation of our lingerie. We promise that you see is what you'll get; no surprises or your money back. 

To keep costs minimal we're doing everything in-house, from cutting the lace to tying a ribbon on your parcel before it's shipped out. Because why should feeling sexy cost an arm and leg?