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Style Guide: How to Dress for Large Calves

Fact: long, slender pins are the envy of every girl. Also fact: life is never fair. Most of us just naturally weren’t born with gorgeous legs. For some of us, Even with the most rigorous exercise regime, other lifestyle factors, like sedentary habit or wearing heels, can cause our calves to become swollen.  In that case, the best thing we can do is draw attention away from or conceal that area. Here are some dressing tips that create the illusion of slimmer calves.

Items You Should Wear: 

1. Full-Length, Wide-Legged Pants

Full-length trousers hide bigger calves and also come with the added benefit of being cool and comfortable. Boot-cut or flare legs are fashionable nowadays, especially when paired with crop tops. For autumn, add on a leather jacket and heels for a casual yet sophisticated look.

2. Maxi Dresses and Ankle-Length Skirts

These are the go-to items for thick-calved girls. Like long trousers, they hide bottle-shaped calves effectively while keeping you cool and comfortably elegant. Make your frame appear even slimmer with a pair of heels and a belt to define the waistline.


Items You Should NOT Wear:

1. Skinny Jeans and Leggings

They won’t make your legs look skinny if they’re aren’t already so. Clingy fabrics tend to highlight undesirable contours. 


2. Miniskirts and Shorts

If you really want to wear a skirt, choose one that extends below the calf so that the thickest part is concealed.


What are your favourite fashion tips for dealing with large calves?

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