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10 Ways to Wear Bralettes in the Fall and Winter

Sometimes, they are downright confusing - is the bralette a BRA or a crop top? While we can’t really draw the line ourselves, there’s no question that inner wear is outerwear as of 2015. Never before has mainstream fashion seen a garment (or undergarment) so comfortable, versatile, stylish and sexy. For this reason, you probably saw more bralettes this summer than you’ve ever seen. You probably bought (or wanted to buy) a few yourself.

Bralettes by nature seem to be a summer-only item, but we at Petite Cherry think otherwise. So don’t stash away those bralettes yet. We’re going to show you how you can flaunt them year round!

The basic premise of bralette/crop top fashion is this: baring a bit (only a bit) of any item below is sexy. Maximum 2 at a time. Too much makes it skanky.

  • Upper-bust cleavage
  • Midriff
  • Side boob

With that said, the perfect candidate for bralette fashion is someone who’s comfortable in their own skin. ;)

1. Under a Sheer Sweater, with Leggings

For this look, we recommend

2. With a High Waisted Pencil Skirt, and a Blazer for Coverage

We recommend for this look

4. Under a Transparent Mesh Top, a la Ellie Goulding

Unabashed, confident and sassy, under a sheer mesh top. Bonus points if it’s got a pattern on it to make things more interesting. We recommend for this look

5. Peeking Out of a Low-Back Top

This cute look requires something like

6. With Layers, Lots of Layers

Baby it’s cold outside but let’s heat things up with

7. With a Giant Jacket, Giant Trousers & Giant Boobs, a la Kim Kardashian.

You don’t need bomb-sized boobs like hers to pull it off. All you need is a stylish longline bra, like

8. With a Loose Tank Top, a la Summer Forever

Have you ever realised that most fall outfits are just summer outfits with additional layers. For example, shorts can be easily autumn-ified with leggings. And what better way is there to dress up for transitioning cooler weather than by layering, with a cardigan for example. Combat boots and a utility jacket lend an edgy touch to the otherwise feminine ensemble. This look would go great with

9. A la VS Fashion Show

Not that your next OOTD should come from the runway, but we can’t help feeling that a bustier + high waistedants + sheer lace slip wouldn’t make a bad party ensemble, right? At least Taylor thinks so. For this look we’d suggest

10. With the Fluffiest Fur Jacket, the Most Outrageous Scarf and Pearls and Diamonds a' Plenty

Make sure you tag #WokeUpLikeThis.

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