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100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes Video

From the fashion leaders at comes a super hot new video charting the evolution of lingerie over the last 100 years. To break it down, this is how sexiness came into 2015:

  • Turn of the century to the 20’s: The pervading “less is more” mentality promotes demure, naturally delicate pieces like closed-crotch drawers, silky robes and satin slips. All complete with a cute bonnet cap and pearls. Flapper dresses, which promoted boyish, androgynous silhouettes, were popular during the 20s, 
  • 30’s: Pointy cups and tap pants (breezy silken shorts) become the de-facto lingerie set. The focus is on comfort and lightness. The word “brassiere” was shortened into a much more manageable “bra” at this time! This is also the time when bra letter sizes came into use.
  • 40’s: After World War II ended, an hourglass silhouette becomes desirable, so women start wearing garter slips. More excitingly, stockings and hosiery make their debut.
  • 50’s: Women opt for short and sweet babydoll. Nighties embellished with frills and feathers make things dreamier and girlier.
  • 60’s: Lingerie reflects the sexual and political upheaval of the time. High cut briefs beome popular, and women start wearing small bras, or none at all. In fact, burning bras is the ultimate statement of feminism.
  • 70’s: The disco era promoted sensual fabrics and ladylike, silhouettes. Long silken nightgowns are all the rage.
  • 80’s: This fitness revolution of this decade manifests itself in bodysuits! 
  • 90’s: Sporty and sultry undergarments pervade women's drawers.
  • 00’s: Glamorous, fantasy-like and sultry.
  • 2015: Sexiness truly comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.