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How to Look Good Naked – the “No-Makeup” Makeup Tutorial

Korean skincare is now a global buzzword, and for good reason. Korean beauty doesn’t rely on foundation. Nope, they need to have dewy, porcelain complexions in the flesh. That’s why the average Korean woman’s daily skincare routine involves at least 10 steps. Not to mention a repertoire of serums, essences, cleansers, lotions and sheet masks on a daily or weekly basis.


Sheet masks: the national religion of orea 

Their religious adherence to skincare is not in vain. Just google any Korean actress and it’s easy to see why. Crystal-clear, velvety, pale skin is considered the ultimate accessory. 

Korean actresses all have glowing, dewy skin with minimal makeup.

But for us common folk, life happens. We get stressed/angry/hangry/depressed/bitchy/emotional - and so does our skin. So when pimples, redness and dark circles get out of hand, here is how you can fake healthy, glowing skin.


Prep Work

Use fingers to apply makeup

To begin, wash your hands – which will be your primary makeup tool. We suggest the latter. When you tap on makeup with your fingers, your face gets a nice massage, which improves blood circulation. The heat from your fingers also melts the makeup to a spreadable consistency, ensuring even application with minimal cakiness. 

Now here’s where the fun begins. Clean your face and make sure it’s still damp.


Pour a quarter-sized pool of Asian toner into your palm. Gently tap it into your face with fingertips until completely absorbed. We suggest using the motions seen below:

Motions for applying Korean facial toner


Mix liquid foundation and moisturizer in a 2:1 ratio.

In your palm, combine your liquid foundation/BB cream and a mosturising lotion in a 2:1 ratio. Tap it all over your face in the same fashion.


Dot foundation/lotion mixture evenly on face using fingertips only

Dot the foundation/lotion mixture evenly on your face and spread by patting lightly with your fingertips, starting from the cheek and going outwards. Finish blending with a clean, dry makeup sponge


Using a flat brush, dust some powder a shade lighter than your skintone under your eyes.


Use a dry, clean makeup sponge to evenly distribute makeup

Get a flawless, velvety finish by gently pressing a large makeup puff all over your face. 

Sometimes, increased water retention from stress, diet/hormonal changes, etc. causes our face to be puffier. Blend some foundation a shade darker than your skintone, from the ear to the chin using long strokes. This contours your cheekbones and slims the face.

Apply a darker contouring powder with a large brush

Don’t forget to highlight your forehead, nose bridge and the top of your cheeks with a pearly luminizer.

Now isn’t looking “naked” so good?

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