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5 Insanely High Tech Bras That Will Blow Your Mind

Bras are a major part of every woman’s wardrobe. It serves a more important purpose than any other undergarment like panties, socks, or pantyhose. Ever since the beginning, bra designers have always been making significant strides in making women’s bras more comfortable, functional, and able to provide more support. But once in a while, man’s ingenuity gets out of control and we end up with some of the wildest and most insane high tech bras you will ever see.

Novelty bras are not uncommon. A lot of women like to collect bras that feature eccentric designs, patterns, and shapes that are out of this world. People who have a taste for the unique would be glad to know that modern technology has allowed engineers and bra designers to incorporate a wide range of ingenious gadgets and devices into an otherwise typical brassiere. From bras that let you know if you have finally met your soulmate to bras that may hold the key to beating breast cancer, some of these bras were developed with the best intentions while the others are, well, just plain crazy.

Here are 5 high tech bras that you never thought existed:

High Tech Bras 

5. Triumph’s “Grow-Your-Own-Rice” Bra

Grow Your Own Rice Bra from Triumph Japan

As if we don’t already have enough troubles when it comes to finding the perfect bra and the right fit, they had to add this crazy bra design to our list of worries. Whether or not farmer John will be proud of its ingenuity is anyone’s guess, I suppose, but it certainly is a bra worth mentioning, especially on this list. The company that created this bra is well-known for its eccentric design ideas. Triumph has been credited with a variety of insane bras, including the sushi-inspired bra, but the “grow-your-own-rice” bra certainly tops the list.

Created to commemorate the growing interest of Japan’s city dwellers toward farming, this bra features recyclable plastic pots that serve as cups. It comes with a pair of gardening gloves, a water hose that double as a belt, and rice seeds which you can grow in your plastic pots/cups. It’s really amazing how they can just come up with such crazy ideas for a bra. It really makes you wonder what they will cook up next, doesn’t it?


 4. Intimate Health’s Brassage

Brassage - the bra that scammed thousands by claiming to knead away toxins in breast tissue

The Brassage is a bra that doubles as a breast massaging machine. It is said that the massaging effects will help reduce harmful toxins in the breast tissue, thus improving breast health and minimizing the risk of breast cancer. Although it has been pulled from the market due to reports showing that there is no scientific or medical proof backing the inventor's claim, Brassage got a lot of press from large media outlets like Teen Magazine, Consumers’ Digest, and ELLE.


 3. The Japanese Marriage Bra/Chastity Bra

The Chastity Marriage Bra from Triumph Japan - you can only unhook the bra by inserting an engagement ring between the cups!

The Japanese Marriage Bra is a unique high tech device that features a countdown clock towards the big day. The wearer will set the clock to a particular date and the clock begins to count down. Talk about added pressure, huh? Only an engagement ring, placed on a special slot between the cups, will stop the countdown and unhook the bra, releasing the wearer’s beautiful bosom from its prison. The Wedding March will also play once the ring has been inserted into its slot. This overly-eccentric bra also features holders for the marriage contract seal and a pen for pre-nuptial agreements. Kind of dandy, isn’t it?


 2. The Bulletproof Bra

Bulletproof bra saved a woman's life in Brazil!

Why would any woman in her right mind wear a bulletproof bra? Well, you might find it useful and even essential if you work as a police officer or if you’re in the military. Female police officers in Germany have recently added bulletproof bras to their standard gear, believe it or not. The bulletproof bra is worn in addition to the bulletproof vest to provide maximum protection against projectiles.

Since bras sometimes have plastic or metal parts embedded in them, the significant force coming from a bullet hitting the bulletproof vest could still pose serious harm to the female officer due to the rigid parts present in her bra. The bulletproof bra is designed to address this issue effectively. It has no buttons, clasps, or any metal or plastic parts and is made from cotton, spandex, polyester, and polyamide.


 1. Ravijour’s “True Love Tester” Bra


There is no denying that electronic engineers and clothing designers are getting more and more interested in high tech wearables. From Wi-Fi-detecting hats to backpacks with charging stations for mobile devices, wearable items nowadays are getting smarter and smarter. Now, Japanese lingerie brand Ravijour has come up with a bra that unhooks once you find true love. The “True Love Tester” bra is the chastity belt for women’s breasts. It remains shut for most of the time, but once you meet someone who gets your blood pumping, it pops open just like that.

The smart bra works by measuring the pattern and speed of the wearer’s heartbeat. This is achieved through sensors strategically placed inside the cups and a small device that receives wireless signals from the sensors via Bluetooth. It’s actually kind of exciting if you think about it. Forget about meaningless one-night stands; this smart bra can read your emotions and feelings to accurately determine whether you’re really into him or not.

So what do you think about these contraptions? Bombs or busts (pun intended)? Let us know in the comments below!

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