Posted on by Chloe C

In our last blog post, we taught you how to look good naked. This one is about the same thing, well, kinda...if we've got the same slightly-perverse, raw sense of humour.

We salute anyone who's gutsy enough to wear this out in public:

Guts and glory swimsuit

Wondering what side has your ascending colon? Or where your pancreas is located? No need to pull out your high-school bio textbook, cos you're literally wearing it. 

You've got guts if you can wear this swimsuit in public...

For those sporting stretch marks, love handles and other undesirable physical features, rest assured there's nothing more distracting than this gut-wrenchingly brilliant piece.

Anatomical puns aside, the best part is that this swimsuit can be yours for just 9 BUCKS!

This model seems thinks that showing skin and much more is sexy. Maybe you will too?

Showing off skin...and so much more with this swimsuit