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We Want This Right Meow! Cat-Themed Lingerie Has Taken Japan by Storm

At Petite Cherry, we’re a bunch of cat ladies with shameless feline love. So when we saw these kitty-themed lingerie sets on Japanese media, we were absolutely floored

Each cosplay-like lingerie set includes a bra shaped to resemble cat ears, a lace chocker, and a panty with a (no duh) detachable cat’s tail!

Do you have a penchant for fluffy Persians? Siamese? Or Scottish folds? Whatever you (and/or your boyfriend prefer), you’re sure to find your purr-fect match. See for yourself!

Cute Japanese Lingerie inspired by black kittens!Adorable white Japanese bra and panty inspired by white Persian kittensOrange Scottish fold inspired this kawaii Japanese underwear set

Each underwear set has been designed with a particular type of cat in mind.

Japanese style satin lingerie inspired by grey cat

This is how the lingerie looks when worn.

Japanese bras and panties inspired by cats

Our favourite is this bra and panty set based on your average grey Tabby. What’s yours?

Cute cotton push up bra inspired by grey tabby cats

The furry detachable tail on the panty means this can be worn as bedroom lingerie, or just as your everyday underwear.

This kitty-themed underwear has been selling like hotcakes in Japan, so much so that the brand that makes them, Felissimo, is offering only one set a time on monthly rotation. 

Many non-Japanese commenters have disparaged these undergarments as “bizarre” and just a manifestation of weird Japanese fetishes. 

We beg to differ.

These feline-inspired intimates certainly look a lot better than they sound. In fact, we’d be totally comfortable with just wearing the bra and panty under regular clothing. In any case the lingerie's damn adorable, don’t you think?

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