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Vibrating bra that gives you bigger boobs in just a week

Just when you thought breast-related gadgets and gizmos couldn’t get any weirder, we now have a vibrating bra proven to give you bigger boobs in just seven days.

Yes, that’s right - women have sworn that wearing this bra for five minutes, three times a day, gave them perkier, larger breasts within a week.

This vibrating bra was invented by Serbian entrepreneur Milan Milic, with the goal of enabling women to permanently enlarge their bust without the cost and complications of breast augmentation surgery. His girlfriend Jelena Sabic, 24, was the first to test his prototype. Her results were mind-blowing - Jelena’s breast became a cup size larger. Another American pre-med student, Andrena, tried the product and reported growing from a 32B to a 34C. She adds, "bviously I was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true but after I used the bra it was just amazing – I’ve had to purchase new bigger bras and everything.”

Milic’s vibrating bra is undergoing clinical tests now. If it passes, it will totally disrupt the plastic surgery industry!