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36 Bra Hacks, Tips & Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know

Every woman in society, from puberty to the rest of her life, wears a bra almost every day. But it’s surprising to know that a lot of women still have much to learn when it comes to making their bras work for them. These simple bra-wearing hacks, tricks and tips will have you rethinking of how you wear your everyday bra!


1. Transform your standard bra straps into a racerback by using a paperclip. You can also use this technique to keep the straps from peeking out under sleeveless tops. 

2. If you are not into the do-it-yourself version, you can buy clips that are created for securing straps. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. 

Bra Strap Holder

These can be purchased cheaply.

3. Sew in a bra strap holder into your tank tops to keep bra straps in place. You just need a tiny strip of fabric or ribbon and a set of clasp buttons. 

Bra Strap Holder you can sew in

4. Maintain the shape of your bras and keep them from getting flattened or crushed during travel by using a bra traveling case or cup case. Even better, just store them in one of those bra-washing cases which can be purchased very cheaply on eBay or Amazon.

Bra Washing Case

5. If you have backless dresses with no adequate padding for the chest area, you can sew the front half of any cheap strapless bra into the dress. Instant built-in bra!

6. If you want to avoid showing too much of your neckline but find camisoles a bit bulky or uncomfortable, purchase one that you can simply clip on your bra to cover the bare neckline.

7. If you have a convertible bra and you want to wear it strapless, you can use the convertible straps to secure the bra in place and keep it from sliding down.

How to keep a strapless bra from falling down

8. After a heavy workout, bring your sports bra with you into the shower so you can hand wash it. I do this at the gym everytime. Delicates should never be machine washed.

9. Since putting your delicates into a dryer is never advisable, you can use a clean salad spinner to dry them quickly. Sounds crazy? You should try it! This blog has it all documented.

Salad Spinner to wash bras

10. Instead of putting your bras in a drawer, you should hang them side-by-side on a single hanger to save space and to keep them from getting misshapen.

Bras Hanging in Clost

11. Attach hangers vertically, in a linear fashion, to store and display a bunch of your most beautiful bras at once from top to bottom.

12. For low-backed dresses, consider converting your bra so it sits lower and stays hidden.

13. Or, get one of our convertible (aka muti-way) bras, if you don't prefer the DIY methods.

Angelite U-Plunge Bra

Featherlight Seamless Bra

Cora Push-Up Multi-Way Bra

14. Broken underwire can be painful. Use a maxi pad which you'd probably have on hand as a temporary fix to keep the sharp wire from poking your skin.  

15. Test the fit of your bra by sliding your fingers between the bra band and the surface of your back. You can have someone help you out in the process. The rule of thumb is, if you can’t slide two fingers in, the band is too tight. If you can slide more than two fingers, it’s too loose.

16. If bra straps are digging painfully into your shoulders, use strap cushions. Again, eBay or Amazon.

Bra Strap Cushions

17. Convert your old cotton bra into a lace trim bra by strategically sewing lace trims into the bra. Match the color of the thread to the color of the bra. A black thread will work with most dark-colored fabrics.  

18. If you find that your bra is getting too tight for you even when the cup size is just right, use a bra extender to increase its band size.

Bra Back extender

19. Have yourself professionally fitted for a bra on a regular basis to keep up with your size more accurately. Basically just go into any bra store and pretend you're buying a bunch of bras in different sizes. 

20. If you really have to machine-wash your bras, use a bra washing case to avoid tangling and deforming them. 

21. Rotate between your bras to preserve their elasticity and shape. You should have at least six bras in your lingerie drawer/closet. Never wear the same bra consecutively.

22. Use mild detergent in cold water when washing your delicates.

23. Remove the removable pads or cookies from your pushup bras before washing them. And restore the cups in their proper shape once they are clean. These cookies are a standard shape so if you preserve them, you can use them into your new bras after your current one wears out. 

24. Wear a front-closure bra if you're wearing any lacey or crocheted clothing that might snag on the hook of a back-closure. Example: these bra sets

25. Figure out the best type of bra for your breast size and shape. Some breast shapes look spectacular with certain bra types. Here's a quick rundown:

Petite boobs: Pushups, Demis and Bralettes

Medium boobs: Balconette Bras, Demis Large boobs: Plunge bras, Full cups 

26. Don’t be afraid to try on other bra sizes that are a size smaller or bigger than your own. Learning about sister sizing can be useful the next time you go bra shopping.

Bra Sister Sizing from Kaur's Laurel

27. Wear a bra with a wide back strap and side panels, which are meant to conceal fat bulges. These are often longline bras which have the added benefit of posture correction.

28. If you ever want to make your breasts smaller, there's a minimiser bra for that.

Minimiser Bra from M&S

29. Use boxes with dividers minimize clutter in your lingerie drawer. You can divide your drawer into sections, for example, and assign sections for your molded cup bras, soft cups, and panties.

Divided underwear drawer box

30. Put some style into your old bra by adding cute studs. There are several DIY tips online to help you convert a regular brassiere into a super studded bra. Here's one tutorial:

DIY Studded Bra

31. Want a caged bra design for an upcoming party? Here's a DIY idea.

32. A pretty lace strap peeking out from underneath a shoulder-baring top or tank top can be very pretty without looking slutty. Example below, shown with our Amelie Bra in black

33. Avoid the ledge effect and spillage by going up a cup size.

A bra that's way too small

34. Every woman should have at least one of each of the six major types of bras: the balconette bra, multi-way bra, t-shirt bra, soft cup bra, bralette, and the plunge bra.







35. Moleskin Plus by Dr. Scholl’s is a type of foot bandage that is also a useful quick fix for bras with the underwire popping out.

moleskin tape to fix a bra

36. If you are not satisfied with the lift your pushup bra provides, try using small bra inserts known as cookies to add more lift. These eye-shaped pads come in standard foam material which is lighter, as well as in gel format that mimics the weight and feel of real breasts. You can also insert them into bikini/swimsuit cups for enhanced cleavage.

Do you have your favorite bra hack? Share below!

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