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Push Up Bra Before and After – Brassiere Blunders You Should Avoid

Don't get a push up bra that's too small or you may end up looking like this

Brassieres are a complex piece of garment that not all women truly understand, as far as certain aspects are concerned. For most women, shopping for such items is time-consuming and aggravating. There’s a lot you have to think about—the right band size, cup size, the proper fit, the comfort level, the style, it goes on and on. Washing and maintaining them are a hassle as well. You have to be careful not to damage the delicate fabric and you have to take care of the stains. Then there’s the air drying process to make sure it stays in the right shape.

Getting them to lay right under one’s clothing is quite infuriating. Take push up bras, for instance. How do you achieve the push up bra before and after effect without twitching, turning, squeezing, shaking, and whatever you have to do just to get those perky ladies to sit right? There’s got to be a better way, right? Well, contrary to what your experience with your brassieres might be, these cute and adorable garments are really not that hard to figure out. It’s just that most women have made so many mistakes when it comes to their undergarments, from the buying and fitting process to the various maintenance issues. All it actually takes—in order to “make peace” with these complicated garments —is to know what you are doing wrong and how you can make it right.

First off, though, you need to ask what is a push up bra? You’ll be surprised what it can do for you.

The Push Up Bra 

If you want to create a fuller bra effect, one that comes with ample cleavage, you’d want to wear a push up bra. This type of bra has angled cups with pads meant to lift your breasts so that they appear fuller and uplifted, thus creating an enhanced cleavage. In short, when you wear a push up bra, your breasts will look bigger. 

Now that you’ve answered the question “what is a push up bra?” it’s time to learn how to “make peace” with your brassieres. 

The Mistakes You Are Most Likely Making and How to Fix Them 

Are you choosing your bra by cup size? When shopping for a brassiere to add to one’s collection, it takes more than just style and elegance to pick out the item you want. Above all else, your first concern should be the size. Now, most women look at the cup size first. This is a mistake. You should start with the numerical band size before to go to the cup size. Only a few women know this but cup sizes are actually directly related to the band size. The cup size alone is irrelevant without the band size it’s associated with.

General guide on how to determine bra sizes. Measure the underbust first, then the overbust.

You need to realize that cup sizes are not standard. This means that a woman might be a C cup in one band size, but a D cup in another. For example, a 32D brassiere is actually a cup size smaller than a 34D. It may be a bit confusing at first, but you’ll eventually get a hang of it. Forget about whatever cup size you think you are and focus first on your band size. This will allow you to better explore your options in finding the best-fitting garment for you. 

Are you wearing a bra that’s too small for your frame? A lot of women are focused too much on their cup sizes that they become reluctant to go up a cup size in order to bring down their band size to the right fit. You may believe that you are a 36C when in actuality your ribcage measures only at 32. If you try on a 32E instead, you might find that it’s more comfortable and form-fitting. Having the right fit actually allows your breasts to settle better and more comfortably. Besides, in a society that worships women with ample bosoms, an E cup size sounds way better than a C cup, right? 

Avoid wearing a bra that's too small for your frame

Useful Tip

Here’s a useful tip when you’re fitting a bra push up or otherwise. When fastening the back band, be sure to fasten on the outermost set of hooks and not on the inner set. Over time, brassieres can stretch to up to three inches just like any item of clothing. When it starts to stretch, that is when you fasten on the next set of hooks. So when you are shopping for brassieres, make sure that it fits snugly on the outer set of hooks.

Contour Bras 

Corinna Contour Bra

Contour bras, otherwise known as seamless or molded cup bras, are functional and elegant. They can be worn under almost any type of clothing. But not all women are suited for this design. If you have firm breasts that seem to defy gravity and can sit high on their own, then you can probably get away with a molded cup style push up bra before and after effect without any trouble.

But if you have bosoms like most women, which are softer and naturally cone-shaped, molded/contour cup bras can be a problem if they don’t fit right. Your breasts are just going to settle at the bottom of the contour cup, leaving a void at the top portion where a firm cleavage should be. A push up bra before and after effect is more than just the design or the shape of the cups, and contour-style bras have a pre-determined shape. You can’t force your breasts into that contoured shape; otherwise you will get what is known as a “spillage” or “quadra-boob.”

So the next time you’re in the market for a nice brassiere, consider the common mistakes most women make and be sure to avoid them. Shopping for lingerie and cute bras shouldn’t be frustrating and anxiety-inducing. It should be fun and exciting, right?

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