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The Absolute Bliss of Wearing Matching Underwear

Every girl should wear matching bra and knickers. Because what you wear on the inside reflects on the outside.

Do you never set foot outside the house without coordinating every piece of your lingerie? Then you know where we’re coming from. There's really no way to question it; wearing a matching set of underwear feels far sexier than mismatched underwear. Women who give that bit of an extra effort in the morning and put on matching sets of lingerie reportedly feel sexier, more desirable and attractive, regardless of if anyone’s going to see them or not. They say that they feel like they are ready to take on the world, and have a more positive, brazen and playful approach to their day, adding that it even makes them feel better and more confident around the opposite sex! Wearing matching sets of underwear has indeed become synonymous to power dressing. Put on an underwear set and you can instantly feel your confidence just oozing out of you. You are all set to take on that job interview and even, ask that cute guy you met at the diner this morning! 

All that being said, the morning rush can just get in the way of putting together a coordinated set of underclothes. If you are in a hurry to get dressed for work or are running late for school, you tend to hastily throw on the first bra and panties you find in your drawer without giving it a second thought. Some of you deliberately choose mismatched underwear to go with your outfit so that they don’t show through and it’s practical. But you just can’t deny yourself of the pleasure that wearing matching sets of underwear has to offer you! Take the following pointers if you want nothing more than to wear coordinated sets of lingerie:

Stock up wisely

Buy your underwear in a 1 bra to 3 panties ratio, so you never run out of matching sets. Pictured: Vivienne white lace bra.

Always buy your lingerie with a 3:1 bra to brief ratio. The mantra is that you should wear your bra 2-3 times before washing them so for each of them, be sure to stock up a minimum of 3 briefs and you’re set.

Be careful while washing

Always, and we do mean always, wash your underwear in sets. This is so that you won’t have to see mismatched pieces of lingerie all over your drawer and frankly, who doesn’t hate that?

A very smart and simple approach to undergarments is to buy them in colors that you frequently wear. That way you can interchange your briefs and bras. 

Do yourself a favor, follow these tips, put on a matching set of underwear, and feel fabulous. You can thank us later!

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