Posted on by Coco C

#WokeUpLikeThis? #NoFilter? #BareFace? Yeah right. Don't kid us, most of those #NoMakeup selfies littering Instagram aren't really that. Especially with ultra-realistic makeup-application apps out there, anyone can cheat. And for the small percentage of genuine #NoMakeup photos, is there anything truly admirable about seeking attention for your undone-ness? Thanks, but no thanks.

One amazing Youtube guru, Nikkietutorials, says no to such idiotic humblebrag. She shows there's nothing to be ashamed of if you're a makeup lover. In her video, she shows just how transformative makeup can be. And judging its soaring popularity, many agree!

Her video totally slaps the faces of those proclaiming makeup lovers "do it because [they] want to look good for boys,...because [they're] insecure, or...because [they] don't love [themselves]." 

Nikkie, we're so thankful for people like you who are just 100% confident about their two sides - with makeup and without. Major kudos to Nikkie!