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5 Bras You NEED for Traveling

5 Bras You NEED for Traveling

Choosing the right set of outfits, the perfect pair of shoes, and the appropriate undergarments for a long distance trip can be a difficult task, along with figuring out which type of bra you might need for travelling. When going on a trip, deciding which clothes to pack is tough enough without having to worry about how many bras and which styles you need to bring with you.

Before you decide which bras to pack for your trip, you first need to figure out your destination. Is it cold where you’re going, or is it a tropical region with warm climate? How long are you going to stay there? What activities do you expect to do while you’re there? Knowing such details will help you determine which types of bras in your wardrobe are more suited for the trip. Also, consider the clothes you’re going to bring for the trip, so you can match your bras with your outfits.

As a rule of thumb, there are five basic bra styles you need to consider when going for a trip. They are as follows:

1. The T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are one of the most common bra styles today. This is mainly because of their flexibility; they can be matched or worn with almost any outfit. Also known as contour/molded cup bras or seamless bras, t-shirt bras are designed to create a smooth and flattering shape under tight fitting outfits, tops, or tees. It’s ideal to pack at least a couple of t-shirt bras for your trip, especially if you are headed to a place with warm climate, where you’ll be wearing sheer tops and tight-fitting tees most of the time.

Not all t-shirt bras have molded or contoured cups. If you don’t like molded cups, you can always go for a stretch cup bra that has invisible seams. These types of bras will adhere to the natural shape of your breasts and they look great under tight tops and tees as well.

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2. Strapless Bra

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All women need to have a good strapless bra that provides adequate support. Strapless bras are great for shoulder-baring style dresses and tops. While travelling or on vacation, you might find yourself in a fancy restaurant or party venue where you will have the opportunity to flaunt your beautiful off-shoulder dress. Wearing a conventional bra might not be suitable for such outfits.

Aside from strapless bras, convertible bras may also work since these types of bras have removable straps, ones that you can rearrange and work with. If you don’t want straps altogether, you can simply detach them from your bra. Or, you can rearrange the straps of your convertible bra by crossing them at the back for a racerback style bra, to make it work with your outfit.

3. Sports Bra

Every girl should have at least two types of sports bras in her wardrobe. And when it comes to long-distance travel, you should consider having at least one sports bra packed in your suitcase. Sports bras are known for the added support they provide. These types of bras are design for optimum fit, maximum support, and high comfort level, especially when engaging in high impact activities. Many sports bras are made from a variety of synthetic fabrics including spandex, Lycra, powermesh, and different cotton blends.

Sports bras have three different classifications: low, medium, and high impact. High impact sports bras are a lot sturdier and are best suited for jogging and other high-impact exercises, while low impact sports bras are best for yoga, walking, and other minimal impact workouts.

Joie Sports Bra Set

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4. Black Bra

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the color black is one of the most adaptable colors around, especially when matching outfits. Although a black bra might by visible under light-colored tops, in almost any other outfit with darker colors, they are quite imperceptible. Besides, black is also the color of intimacy and elegance, so you can never go wrong with a black bra.

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5. Nude Color Bra

Besides black, nude is the most versatile color when it comes to undergarments. They can be worn under almost any color clothes, including black. If you are traveling—especially if you’re traveling long distances—it’s wise to bring a nude color bra along to make sure you have something to match your outfits with. A nude seamless stretch cup is always the better option because it allows you to wear almost anything over it.

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Packing clothes and undergarments for a trip is not that difficult if you know what to bring and how to pack your things neatly. A rule of thumb when packing bras in your suitcase is to always fasten the clasps securely. This will help keep the hooks from snagging other delicate fabrics inside the luggage. For your contour cup bras, you might want to consider getting a bra travelling case to make sure the molded cups won’t get damaged during the trip.

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