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Change Your Underwear While Sitting, Without Taking Off Your Pants!

Slick Chicks Panties - change your underwear sitting down without removing your pants!Slick Chicks Panties - change your underwear sitting down without removing your pants!

Slick Chicks is a pretty slick idea.

Ever been in a situation where you felt like you were dying in your soiled underwear? Maybe you had an intense sweaty workout at the gym, or you're prone to accidental leakage. Maybe the Time of the Month came early. Maybe the queue for the bathroom is miles long, or, even worse, there's no bathroom for miles. Well, for whatever reason you want to discretely and quickly remove your undies without taking off your pants, Slick Chicks is the answer.

Cue in Slick Chick's innovation - panties with a hook and eye fastening on either side. So you can take 'em off in a pinch, just like a bra!

Founder Helya Mohammadian tells Mashable, "It's a convenient way of wearing underwear without having to bend over and take off all your clothing." She came up with the idea while working at SoulCycle and having to constantly change sweaty knickers. Mohammadian assures women that they can get in and out of their panties anywhere, on the subway, at their cubicle desks or even at a restaurant.

Each pair of underwear start at $26 and has moisture-wicking, anti-microbial technology to boot. Check 'em out here!

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