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10 Reasons Why Asian Lingerie Trumps Anything from Victoria's Secret

Japanese lingerie store in Hong Kong

Lingerie is a type of feminine clothing that makes a woman feel sexy and desirable. The French pioneered and revolutionized lingerie design and made it an important aspect in every woman’s wardrobe. There are a wide array of lingerie designs, styles, and patterns influenced by various cultures and traditions, from the French to the American, to the Japanese and Italian. 

Granted that most of the popular brands in the market are American and European-made, Asian lingerie has gone a long way in the past decades. Every year, more and more designers hailing from Japan, Korea, and China are making a name for themselves in the lingerie fashion industry. Nowadays, women from around the world specifically look for lingerie inspired by Asian design and ingenuity. It’s no wonder lingerie design and manufacturing in Asia has become a multi-million dollar industry.

There are several reasons why Asian lingerie has become so popular; and why a combination of Japanese designs, Chinese ingenuity, and Japanese lingerie are gaining an edge over American brands such as Victoria’s Secret. Here are a few of them:

#1 Extensive Lingerie Selection

Compared to American and European brands that employ pretty similar designs and patterns, lingerie styles in Asia are much more varied and extensive due to the various influences in the region. The Chinese designs, for instance, have western influences mixed with their own patterns and style preferences. Japanese lingerie has a slightly quirky approach, making their designs rather perky and adorable. 

#2 Distinct Cultural Influences

As previously mentioned, the Far East is a bowl of soup when it comes to cultures and traditions. Every country, from Singapore to China, has its own distinct custom that reflects in the products that they produce, including lingerie. Each and every design has a unique flavor that you won’t find in Western lingerie brands.

#3 Sizing and Fitting

Finding the perfect fit is very important when it comes to bras, panties, and other delicates. American and European designs have a very specific fit that may not be accurate enough for some women. Asian lingerie products, like Korean lingerie, provide a nice and perfect fit for a variety of girls. Believe it or not, petite women often face sizing and fitting difficulties when it comes to bras and lingerie. This is a niche many Asian lingerie products can effectively fill, since a majority of their items are designed for petite women.

The Vivienne Bra from Kaur's Laurel is suitable even for smaller chested girls, as it's made in Asia. Goes from 32A to 38D #petites

#4 Aesthetics and Design

Japanese lingerie frequently incorporates floral patterns and super girly bows and lace trims

American and European lingerie are best known for their simplistic straightforward design. French lingerie is a bit minimalistic and trendy. The common themes are low cut, plunging, underwires, and push-up designs. Americans love seamless/T-shirt bras, while the French prefer soft cups. The Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese incorporate all these into their designs, and so much more. In Japanese bras, for example, you will find cute frills, flashy patterns, and bold colors. It’s basically lingerie with a striking personality.

#5 Quality

Like in every product, quality is always important. Many lingerie items, such as brassieres, coming from the Asian regions of China, Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea are skillfully crafted using time-tested techniques that have been handed down for generations. Granted that the manufacturing process has been significantly modernized, some of the basic development aspects of bra design and fitting still remain the same. Top-quality fabrics, matched with craftsmanship and ingenuity, are recipes for high-quality lingerie.

This Vivienne bra is made from high quality lace

#6 Availability

Unlike in the past, the global market has become so accessible that people half a world away can just simply place an order online for products that are otherwise unavailable in their region. These days, online shopping has become a practical and efficient means to purchase goods. And lingerie shopping is no exception. You can view catalogs of new lingerie trends in the Asian market, including Japanese and Korean designers. New collections come in everyday, and you are right in the forefront of it all.

#7 Functionality

Every piece of bra or lingerie is designed for a specific function. Brassieres are much more than just an undergarment or shapewear; they serve a particular purpose. With Asian bras and lingerie, functionality and style work together in perfect harmony.

#8 Uniqueness and Style

Underwires, padded and push-up design, plunge, demi cups, mesh fabrics, studs, strappy bras, lace patterns, granted all of these design aspects are found in most of the lingerie items in every shop, the blending of these different pieces is what makes a brassiere unique. Each piece of Asian lingerie has its own personality that adheres to the consumer. It’s what gives each individual a unique character and style.

#9 Shaping and Design Innovations

Japanese bras have a champion amount of padding for a vava voom push up effect, as well as wide mesh panels to hide back fat.

Lingerie, specifically bras, has many different shapes meant to accommodate its specific function. When you look at a typical push-up bra, you see what an ideal shape of a push-bra is. If you check out a Japanese designer’s take on the push-up bra, however, you will notice that it’s not your typical bra with a push-up effect. You will see cup shapes that are not normally found in push-up bra designs, unique color palettes, and so on. Donning Asian intimate wear, whether it’s Japanese or Korean lingerie, is somewhat of an adventure into a world of femininity and true beauty.

#10 Cost

Finally, there is the cost. Lingerie can be quite expensive, especially designer lingerie. But with Korean, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese lingerie, you will realize that good quality items are much more affordable. When buying expensive designer bras and panties, you are essentially paying for the name on the label, whether it’s a Guia La Bruna or Victoria’s Secret. With items from the Far East, you are essentially getting the same quality and style for much lower price.

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