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50 Types of Bras Every Girl Should Have

Different Types of Bras that You NEED in your Drawer

The average woman owns around 15 bras at any given time; at least that’s what a recent study has shown. In the same study, it is also revealed that most women spend over three thousand dollars worth of brassieres in a lifetime. That is how significant bras are to women. Granted that most women probably have around 10 to 16 bras in their underwear drawers, there are several types of bras that might not be in your current collection.

Bras are designed to perform a specific function, provide the desired fit and shape, and bring together a woman’s outfit. The fact of the matter is, no single bra design can accommodate every need you may have for it. As you will see in this list of different types of bras, there are designs out there that are intended to provide a specific look and function you may find rather useful.

1. T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bras, like the Yvonne Bra Set from Kaur's Laurel, wear perfectly under any type of top

T-shirt bras are, by far, one of the most popular and widely-used bra styles. Designed without any raised seams (seamless), T-shirt bras are the perfect everyday brassiere and are one of the most common types you will find in every woman’s underwear drawer. Most T-shirt bras feature contour cups—otherwise known as molded cups—designed to provide a smooth and shapely appearance under lightweight material or tight-fitting tops. 

However, not all T-shirt bras have molded cups. Any seamless bra with good stretch cups and minimal padding can be worn under sheer clothing or tight-fitting tees. They also come in various cuts, shapes, and level of padding. Some T-shirt bras have a push-up effect, while others don’t. There are T-shirt bras that feature an elegant plunge cut, while others provide normal coverage.

T-shirt bras also come in a number of soft pastel and bold colors. Matching the color to the top you are wearing is essential, simply because the main function of a T-shirt bra is to be invisible under your clothing. And contrary to popular belief, a white T-shirt bra does not blend well with white tees and tops. You are better off wearing a skin tone color instead.

  • Holiday Seamless Plunge T-Shirt Bra and Panty Set – T-shirt bras are a popular everyday undergarment. And the Holiday Seamless Plunge bra is the everyday bra. With its seamless design and contoured cups, it just works well with form-fitting tops and tees.
  • Anais Balconette Push-up Bra Set (White) – The Anais bra is a balconette-style bra that offers great push-up effect. Its seamless design makes it a great everyday t-shirt bra. You can wear it under low cut tees and plunging tops.
  • Anais Balconette Push-up Bra & Knickers Set (Champagne) – The Anais is also available in a nice soothing champagne color, which blends well with almost any color top. Its overall structure gives a flattering silhouette to your bust area.

    2. Balconette Bra

    Balconette Bra like the Vivienne from Kaur's Laurel

    The balconette bra is another type of bra you might find useful for your collection. It is probably one of the most versatile types of bra available due to its aesthetic style and elegance. Also known as the balcony bra, balconettes come with a low-cut design. This means the top portion of the cups are slightly lower than most conventional bra styles. The top half of the cups typically forms a somewhat straight line across the bust, although this isn’t a general rule in design. This particular style shows off more of your cleavage compared to a standard or full coverage bra, while still providing great support to the breasts.

    The essence of the balconette design is the lift that it provides to your breasts. Balconette bras basically lift your breasts like a shelf, giving them a nice flattering look. The wide set straps are another basic feature of a balcony bra. This makes such bras the better choice when wearing scoop neck, square neck, and boat neck tops. Balconette bras are perfect for everyday wear and they look great. They also offer excellent fit for almost every bust type.

    • Ephesus Eyelash Lace Sheer Bra Set (Navy) – The Ephesus is one of the many different types of bras that combine sophistication and sex appeal with its overall style and design. Half sheer fabric, half lace, this sexy and adorable piece of lingerie is an absolute must-have.
    • Frances Transparent Black Lace Balconette Strappy Back Bra – Sweet and seductive, Frances is a combination of two styles: demi and balconette. Made from super soft black cotton and lace, this bra features intricate patterns in a classic design. The strappy back and unlined cups allow you to make the most of your sultry curves.
    • Pure Love Balconette Cup Lightly Padded Bra & Panty Set – Available in different shades of colors, Pure Love features molded balconette cups that add a nice figure-flattering effect to your bust. The overall design is simple and chic, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear and for special occasions.
    • Black Dahlia Balconette Bra – Inspired by Goth design, the Black Dahlia Balconette Bra features black dahlia lace and strapping details in a gorgeous and subtle palette contrast. The back highlights peek-a-boo detailing, making this a true pin-up masterpiece to die for.

      3. Bralette

      Miranda sheer black lace bralette from Kaur's Laurel

      Bralettes are not like your conventional bra styles. They normally have no underwires or padding, and the cups are not molded or contoured. Bralettes offer a rather simplistic design, but they are particularly stylish and are a great alternative to otherwise traditional brassieres. This specific style of bra provides little support yet exceptional comfort. You will feel like you’re not wearing any bra at all; it’s liberating and refreshing.

      Bralettes are a great option for women with small-to-medium sized breasts. They are an excellent choice if you want something modest without the unnecessary shape enhancing effects of push-up and padded bras. Bralettes make good sleeping bras as well for women of all breast sizes. If you find underwires rather uncomfortable, you will appreciate the comfort of wearing bralettes.

      Most bralettes are classified by band size only. You may find them listed as small, medium, and large. There are certain makes and models that include cup sizes, though. If you are uncertain of the right fit for you, consult a bra fitting chart or have a professional do a proper fitting on your bust before buying your bralette.

      • Miranda Unlined Bralette Set (Black) – Not all women are confident enough to wear a bralette. But if you believe you can pull it off, the Miranda bralette set is an excellent choice. This sultry lingerie design features an all-black flower lace design pattern that will leave you feeling fabulous and sexy. The wide straps and flexible cups provide exceptional comfort and adequate support.
      • Priscilla Satin Bralette Set (Black) – Featuring a satin finish, a glamorous design, and intricate embroidery, Priscilla can bring out your best features quite effortlessly. It’s elegant, light, and comfortable. What more can you ask for?
      • Eberjey Aubrey Bralet – Classy, cool, adorable, and sexy, these are just some of the characteristics of the Eberjey bralette. The simple design combined with the intricate patterns and refreshing colors, make this bralette one of the most elegant and comfortable types of bras in the selection.

      4. Plunge Bra

      Plunge bras like the Bernice brassiere from Kaur's Laurel are great for low cut or plunging necklines

      Plunge bras are bras that feature deep plunging cups. The style generally has a very low center, forming a deep V neckline. If you like wearing low cut tees or plunge tops, this type of bra is an absolute must-have for you. Shaping of the cups involve a push-up effect for maximum cleavage and an enhanced bust silhouette. Just like a push-up bra, the padding is placed low and on the sides to push the breasts together, optimizing the push-up effect.

      There are quite a few different styles of plunge bras, ranging from moderately sexy to absolute knockouts. Choosing the best plunge bra will depend on the type of wardrobe you will be wearing. If you are one with a C cup or larger breast size, be sure to pick out a plunge bra with added support. Proper fitting, especially the cup size, is extremely important since plunge bras often use very little fabric on the cups. Be sure that the underwires don’t poke your skin. If you experience discomfort or pain from the underwires, you are wearing the wrong bra size.

      • Edith Plunge Lace Bra Set (Black) – With an exceptionally revealing and daring plunge cut design, the Edith is a bra that can get a man’s heart racing once he sees you in it. The intricate lace adornments perfectly highlight your existing curves. The matching panties just add to the feisty character of this exquisite piece of lingerie.
      • Yvonne Push-up Plunge Bra Set (Black) – The Yvonne bra and panty set is embellished with intricate black lace fabric, giving it a sultry classic look with just a hint of modern lingerie design. The plunge cut gives the breasts a nice shape and an alluring silhouette. And the cleavage, oh well. Let’s just say it’s an image he won’t soon forget. Oh, and did I mention the panties? It’s a masterpiece that perfectly highlights your curvy lines.
      • Evangeline Push-up Plunge Bra & Panty Set – A push-up plunge bra that is both cute and sexy. This is what Evangeline brings to the table. Featuring some intricate embroidery on top of super soft contoured cups with a plunging cut; your bust has never looked this shapely and seductive.

      5. Longline Bra

      Flora Longline padded bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Bras that have unusually wide bands or bands that extend all the way to the waist or hips are known as longline bras. This classification covers a wide range of styles, from the practical basics to specialized designer lingerie. Because of the wider band design, longline bras can provide extra support compared to conventional bras. Moreover, longline bras also offer better shaping for the torso, particularly in the waist area.

      A longline bra is typically worn when the intension of the wearer is to create a smooth shapely line or silhouette underneath a fancy cocktail dress or gown. Due to the ample support longline bras provide, the strapless styles are a favorite choice among women who love to go for the strapless look. But this particular style of bra is much more than just for fancy dresses and special occasions; they are a great choice if you are suffering from back and shoulder discomforts. These bras can help with weight redistribution on your bust area by promoting better posture.

      It’s the ideal bra for special gatherings that require you to wear elegant gowns and cocktail dresses.

      • Belle Full Coverage Extreme Push-up Longline Bra (White) – Awesome and irresistible, that is the Belle longline bra set. Adorned with finely crafted lace edges along the base and top of the cups, this amazing lingerie set is perfectly suited for a woman who loves adventure with a hint of modesty.
      • Blush Victory Longline Padded Balconette Bra – With lightly molded balconette style cups, a corseted longline design, and exquisite lace patterns, this lingerie piece projects boldness and beauty. Blush is a corseted and balconette style bra that imbues your personality with some spunk, while giving your bust a sexy and flavorful shape.
      • Irene Longline Bra Set (White) – Inspired by the vintage corseted bra styles, the Irene Longline bra set is simple yet elegant. The demi push-up bra completes the perfect combo of classic longline design and sultry goodness of the modern brassiere. The innocence and purity of white projects a simplistic yet elegant approach.

      6. Push-Up Bra

      Push up bra (Coco lace bra) from Kaur's Laurel

      Push-up bras are structured to create the most cleavage possible. This is achieved by the strategic placement of padding at the bottom or sides of the cups, creating a lift and pushing the two breasts closer together, thus maximizing the cleavage. These types of bras provide a sultry look with low-cut dresses and tops. Women with relatively small cup sizes love wearing push-up bras as it gives them a fuller and bustier appearance. But this doesn’t mean that busty women don’t enjoy push-up bras. On the contrary, if you have large breasts and you want to show off what you’ve got, this is the perfect type of bra to showcase those puppies.

      The padding used in push-up bras varies with each design and manufacturer. Some have padding made of soft foam, while others include soft gel pads or even air pads for a lighter and more refreshing feel. Some push-up bras have removable pads, making the push-up effect adjustable. This is perfect for occasions when you don’t want too much lift from your bra. These removable pads are known as “cookies.” They allow you to customize the amount of push-up effect from your brassiere.

      • Chloe Push-up Bra Set – Chloe is one of those types of bra that has the ability to arouse one’s most intimate dreams and fantasies. This particular design has the makings of an awesome cabaret getup. Featuring a diverse range of accents and frills, Chloe can be both playful and sexy. 
      • Marlies Dekkers Triangle Push-up Bra – A push-up bra that features a plunging design and bold gun metal cutouts on top of the cups, Marlies Dekkers is the ultimate brassiere for a classy and elegant woman. Finely constructed, this bra has a simple yet impeccable characteristic that will make you feel out of this world.
      • Demure Contour Padded Bra – Featuring finely constructed molded cups adorned with intricately woven lace fabric, the Demure Bra might sound modest, but it doesn’t fall short in flamboyant styling and figure-flattering design. It provides excellent lift, exceptional comfort, and adequate support.

      7. Contour Bra

      Contour Bra (Yvonne) comes in 3 colors: Pink, Fuchsia and Black

      Contour cup bras, otherwise known as molded cup bras, generally feature seamless cups with a slightly thicker lining than your conventional fabric bra. The best way to tell if a bra is molded or has contour cups is if it retains its shape even when not worn. Contour cup bras will always maintain a rounded shape even when it is not being worn due to the molded cups and the type of fabric used to make the bra. Most of the contour bras these days are made from a synthetic material known as microfiber, which is heated over a mold to give the cups their distinct shape.

      One of the advantages of using molded cups or contour bras is that they are completely seamless, which means you can wear them under almost any sheer clothing or tight-fitting tops. In fact, most T-shirt bras in the market have molded cups because of the absence of raised seams. Another popular benefit from using this type of bra is that they hide the nipples quite effectively due to the thicker fabric used on the cups. And finally, because contour bras have a rounded and distinct cup shape, you will have a figure-flattering silhouette and a perkier looking breast when you wear such bras.

      • Diane Push-up Lace Bra Set (Lavender) – Cute and sweet, Diane is a contour bra inspired by French ingenuity. This lavender beauty features fine lace, soft molded cups, and a tiny satin bow serving as a centerpiece. Diane is both sexy and modish, the perfect lingerie for that special moment.
      • Mika Seamless T-Shirt Bra Set – You want a bra that remains invisible under tight-fitting shirts and tops? Mika might just be one of the most perfectly designed contour bras out there. Featuring a plunging demi cup design, Mika is simple yet mesmerizingly beautiful. It is available in a variety of soft to bold colors.
      • Yvonne Push-up Plunge Bra Set (Fuchsia) – The design featured in the Yvonne lingerie set is chic and sexy. It is a mixture

      8. Bandeau Bra

      Bandeau Bras like the Mari Balconette Bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Bandeau bras are structured very much like the earliest known brassieres worn by women in ancient Greece. It’s a simple band of fabric that goes around your chest area. But unlike the old bra bands, today’s bandeau bra is a lot more elegant and stylish. These types of bra look like somewhat of a cross between a strapless bra and a tube top, made from a type of stretchy fabric that is both refreshing and comfortable.

      Most bandeau bras do not have a set of hooks and eyes for fastening. Instead, you wear them over your head like you would a tube top. But just like any other strapless bra, many bandeau bras have detachable straps, which provide you with the option to wear them with or without the extra support. Structurally speaking though, bandeau bras don’t exactly provide that much support, nor shaping. This is why they are better suited for women with smaller breasts. However, there are certain variations that feature underwires and padding to provide just enough support and lift for women with larger breasts.

      • Mari Balconette Push-up Bra Set (White) – Bandeau bras are one of the types of bras that not all women may be able to pull off, at least that’s what most of us thought until now. With the Mari set, any girl can look sexy and adorable in this amazingly designed balconette bandeau bra. It successfully combines the look of innocence and feistiness with its corset-style features.
      • Thea Bandeau Bra – Featuring a fabric of fine scroll lace with intricate patterns, this piece is designed to remain naturally flat and adapt to the natural shape of your bust, creating a smooth and alluring silhouette.


      9. Sports/Yoga Bra

      Cute sports bra pink

      Sports bras are structured to provide maximum support to your breasts, as well as minimize movement while doing strenuous activities. When exercising or doing high impact activities, wearing a conventional bra is not recommended. Regular bras, although supportive and comfortable, are not designed to provide the right kind of support that you need when exercising.

      In addition to the optimal support they provide, many sports bras are also designed to have a wicking effect that keeps moisture/sweat away from the skin. This is due to the type of synthetic fabric used on the bra, which is often known as Lycra or spandex. This very same material is also used on wetsuits and athletic apparel or activewear. This is why most sports bras are stretchy, comfortable, and remain moisture-free even if you are sweating heavily.

      Sports bras have three basic classifications; low, medium, and high impact. The type of sports bra you look for depends on the type of activity you are engaging in. If you do yoga, for instance, there are yoga bras available that suits the level of support and comfort you need for such an activity.

      • Talco Convertible Logo Soft Bra – Made from a versatile viscose fabric, this convertible soft cup bra is an excellent addition to your collection of brassieres and lingerie. And if you are a yogi, the Talco Convertible Bra provides just enough support and comfort to get you through those difficult poses.
      • Hold Your Om Bra – Made from a soft and stretchy synthetic fabric, this particular bra offers comfort, light support, and a wicking effect to keep sweat off your skin. It’s the perfect garment for an intense hot yoga practice. The seamless construction allows for a more comfortable workout and helps keep chafing at bay.

      10. Convertible Bra

      Convertible strap bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Convertible bras are designed to be worn in more ways than one. This particular type of bra allows you to adjust its style to match your current outfit. The most common type of convertible bra has straps that can be removed, essentially converting a traditional looking brassiere into a strapless bra. But in addition to bras that have detachable straps, there are convertibles that also allow you to rearrange the straps from a standard parallel to a racerback or cross-strap bra. This feature makes it the perfect bra to wear with halter tops, strapless gowns, and other tricky dresses.

      Other convertible bra variations also allow you to wrap the bra band around your waist for a low cut look. This particular feature is known as a bra back converter. It is perfect for backless outfits and low cut dresses. Convertible bras are versatile undergarments that are an excellent addition to a woman’s lingerie collection. Convertible bras are also great money-savers, since you won’t have to buy new ones every time a fancy gathering comes up. They can be used as everyday bras or for special occasions.

      11. Soft Bra

      Priscilla satin bralette

      Soft bras, or soft cup bras, are bras that have no underwires. Compared to sports and yoga bras, which also have no underwires, soft cup bras offer more coverage. They also feature a wider bra band for added support. Although these types of bras have some elegant embellishments and style, comfort is their main draw.

      If you do not find underwire bras that comfortable—if finding the right fit for an underwire bra has always been difficult for you—soft cup bras may just be the perfect solution for you. With their growing popularity among bra manufacturers, the number of choices available has also dramatically increased, so, you now have options from practical to more daring and sophisticated designs.

      Reasons vary when it comes to why there are women who prefer soft cup bras over underwires. Some wear them for medical purposes, while others—especially women who are pregnant or nursing—just love the comfort and support the bras provide. There are certain soft bras that have thick fabric seams around their cups. This cleverly creates the underwire bra look, but without using actual underwires.

      • Never Say Never Soire Softie Soft Padded Bra – For soft cup bras, Never Say Never is a bestseller. It features a well-designed floral lace pattern that runs along the front, side, and back band. The edges are scalloped so as to avoid any irritation as the bra band lies gently on the skin. The plunge cut gives this bra a soothing yet sexy personality.
      • Rina Floral Print Chiffon Bralette Set (Blue) – Get inspired by this wonderful lingerie creation, featuring soft pastel colors, baby blue lace edgings, and soft chiffon cups. Inspiring and truly exquisite, the Rina set is sure to provide you with a magnificent aura. 
      • Community Latro Bra – This particular piece is designed for low-impact activity and everyday leisure. Made from a stretchy synthetic fabric, the Latro bra offers great comfort and light support. It has adjustable straps that cross at the back and an extra wide elastic band at the bottom to ensure a secure and comfy fit.

      12. Strapless Bra

       Anais Strapless bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Every woman should have at least a couple of good strapless bras in her wardrobe. There is no debate about that. Strapless bras have removable straps that allow you to wear shoulder-baring gowns, dresses, and tops without those pesky bra straps showing. A strapless bra with adequate support is great for almost any occasion, from fun and exciting summertime excursions to fancy gatherings.

      For some women, the idea of not having bra straps can be a bit scary, especially if you are not used to it but strapless bras are actually quite comfortable and secure. Women of all breast sizes can wear proper fitting strapless bras. The key is finding a bra that fits your bust perfectly.

      There is a wide range of strapless bra designs to suit every type of shoulder-baring outfit you can think of. A strapless longline bra, for instance, is a type of strapless bra that extends to the waist or hips. It’s a good option for women with larger breasts. Most strapless bras have silicone edgings along the top and bottom of the bra band. This feature allows the bra to stay secure and in place.

      • Wacoal “Red Carpet” Convertible Strapless Bra – The Red Carpet convertible strapless bra features an ultra-smooth fabric which covers the molded underwire cups. The cups have very light foam padding to ensure a nice full shape and adequate support.
      • Anais Balconette Push-up Bra Set (Navy) – Featuring a design that is both lavish and vintage-looking, the Anais bra set in navy blue is the perfect strapless bra for any occasion. The molded cups allow for a more natural and fuller shape, whichever dress you’re wearing.

      13. Adhesive Bra

      Blythe adhesive bra from Kaur's Laurel

      An adhesive bra, also known as a stick-on bra, is a type of bra that adheres to the skin on your bust. This particularly clever design can provide you with the opportunity to wear a wide array of dresses and tops. Because adhesive bras don’t have the need for bands or straps, they are also the ideal bra of choice for outfits like dresses with plunging necklines or low backs.

      Adhesive bras come in a variety of styles and designs. Some stick-on bras have clever structural designs that somehow enhance the cleavage, while others are structured for a more practical purpose. A good quality adhesive bra will remain in place all throughout the evening. Apart from adhesive bras with molded cups, there is also a stick-on option with breast lifts available.

      Unlike conventional bras that provide optimum support, stick-on bras are designed for coverage and shaping. They are best suited for women with small-to-average-sized breasts. Most of the adhesive bras on the market are sized using cup size alone, so make sure you are familiar with your cup size to ensure a proper fit.

      • Lace Silicone Adhesive Strapless Bra – Tired of annoying bra straps and uncomfortable bands? Adhesive bras are what you’re looking for. The Lace Silicone Adhesive Bra is a lightweight stick-on bra with a botanical lace overlay. For a stick-on bra, this piece offers style and elegance like no other.
      • Angel Wings Stick-on Strapless Bra – Combining a slim contoured profile with a sexy V-shape structure, the Angel Wings stick-on bra provides excellent lift and support while you strut across the room wearing your most elegant strapless plunging dress.

      14. Full Coverage Bra

      Mimi full coverage push up bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Full coverage bras are structured to cover almost all of your breast tissue. The basic design is essentially going for a modest look rather than a daring or revealing one. These bras feature a high neckline and are available in a wide range of cup styles, including chiffon lace, stretch fabric, soft cups, and molded or contour cups.

      Most large breasted women opt for a full coverage bra when going for a demure approach. In fact, this type of bra is quite popular among busty ladies because it has the ability to eliminate or at least minimize breast spillage. And because of the higher than usual neckline, full coverage bras can also help prevent the “quad boob” effect, which is what happens when large cup-sized women wear low-cut bras that are too small for their bust.

      Full coverage bras, however, are not just a “go-to” piece of lingerie for busty women. These days, even small-breasted women are learning to appreciate the comfort, shaping, and support these types of bra have to offer, especially when attempting to create a smoother and figure-flattering silhouette under sheer clothing.

      • Belle Full Coverage Extreme Push-up Longline Bra (Pink) – Soft, elegant, gorgeous, and sexy, those are the words that come to mind when you see the Belle full coverage bra. the intricate lace work, the contour cups adorned with frills and edgings, the gentle and wide band—these are just some of the wonderful features of this amazing bra.
      • Mimi Full Coverage Push-up Bra (Black) – Crafted with pure excellence and artistry, Mimi boasts of intricate cream contrasting lace on a perfectly structured contour cups that highlights the cleavage, even with the full coverage design.

      15. Demi Bra

      Demi bra in blush pink lace from Kaur's Laurel

      A demi bra is the exact opposite of the full cup bra as it is designed to cover about half of the breast tissue. This means smaller cups with a low-cut design. People often confuse a demi bra with a plunge bra. They may have certain similarities, but they really are different. For one thing, a plunge bra is only low at the center, forming a V or U shape. Demi bras are low all across both cups.

      Demi bras are quite popular with designer lingerie because of their provocative and really enticing look. The low-cut design puts the spotlight on the bust and cleavage’s beautiful curves. However, this particular style isn’t just found on designer lingerie, demi cups can be found on everyday bras as well. They are the perfect lingerie under low neckline tops and plunge tees, especially during the summertime.

      Some demi cup bras have push-up padding that enhances the cleavage. This push-up effect will help you achieve the daring and sexy look. Demi bras with removable push-up padding, known as “cookies,” are available as well.

      • Coco Push-up Demi Bra Set (Cherry) – Demi bras are among the various types of bras that put an emphasis on showing off the cleavage. Coco highlights not just your cleavage but improves your bust shape as well. Its design aspects combine a demure look with a glowing confidence and sophistication. 
      • Maya Chiffon & Lace Push-up Bra Set (Pink) – A lingerie set that brings out the sweetness and innocence of the wearer. Outfitted with intricate chiffon and lace, Maya provides not just an excellent lift and push-up effect, it gives off a sensual feeling that is truly irresistible.

      16. Transparent Bra

      Edith transparent bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Transparent or sheer see-through bras are seductive and elegant. Transparent bras can come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, and designs. This is because although there are many different types of bras, almost every one of them can possess a sheer or see-through design. Transparent bras generally use sheer fabric that is light and alluring.

      One of the most popular types of sheer bras feature lace and mesh fabric. Lace is a beautiful and iconic fabric, and it will never go out of style. There are quite a number of sheer lace bras out there that are trendy and rather sultry. If you prefer something more daring and perhaps more stunning, sheer bras that feature mesh design might just be your type. Depending on the grain or size of the mesh, these types of bras can really be quite sexy and provocative.

      From demi cup bras to full coverage bras, there are a lot of sheer transparent bras to choose from. Just be sure to find the proper fit and style for your breast type.

      • Daria Lace & Mesh Sheer Bra Set (White) – Made from chiffon and lace, Daria features an unlined structure that provides medium support and a whole lot of spunk. Adorned with pleated mesh, this set can really awaken the senses. 
      • Ephesus Eyelash Lace Sheer Bra Set (Rose) – You want transparent and chic? The Ephesus is a truly sublime masterpiece that not only offers a naturally sexy look, but provides class and sophistication as well. Featuring nice frills on soft fabric and lace, this bra provides light support and exceptional comfort.

      17. Vest Bra

      Firenze White Vest Bra

      Vest bras are athletic apparel made for women who love to engage in high impact activities on a regular basis. They have the same basic design as a sports bra, but with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is that almost all vest bras are worn externally, unlike some sports bras that are normally worn under a top. A vest bra is basically a top with a built-in bra.

      This type of women’s garment is often used by gym regulars. They are made from an elastic, moisture-wicking material known as spandex, otherwise known as Lycra. The band on this type of bra is relatively wider for maximum support. The straps can be wide, or can be as thin as spaghetti (spaghetti straps). The back strap design may vary as well, with some vest bras featuring a racerback design, while others have the conventional parallel strap placement.

      When choosing a vest bra, it is important to find a snug and comfortable fit, especially if you are going to do some high impact exercise in it.

      • Charmaine Lace & Mesh Unlined Bra Set (White) – Soft, delicate, and demure—these are essential characteristics of a bra. Charmaine embodies all three features and more. The unlined structure coupled with the sheer lace and mesh fabric portrays a unique and innocent approach not many types of bra can posses.

      18. Semi-Sheer Bra

      Semi Sheer Bra from Kaur's Laurel

      Unlike a completely sheer or transparent bra, semi-sheer bras are less revealing. They are just as sexy and alluring, though. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs as well. Semi-sheer designed demi cup bras are among the most popular, mainly because demi cups are a favorite among small-to-medium size women. Semi-sheer bras are a great match with almost any type of clothing, especially during the summertime.

      If you love to wear sheer tops, blouses, and tees, a light or pastel colored semi-sheer bra can really bring out a beautiful silhouette. Of course, bras that complement your figure don’t just rely on color or the type of fabric; the cut, style, fit, and the shape it provides play a huge role as well.

      One of the best features of a semi-sheer bra is probably the lightness of the fabric. Because it is lightweight, wearing this type of bra can be relaxing and comfortable. This is why semi-sheer bras are a common presence in every woman’s wardrobe. You should have at least one or two of this in your collection.

      • Moonlit Contour Unlined Sheer Plunge Bra Set – Available in iconic black, the Moonlit lingerie set features unlined sheer cups with a plunge cut that makes your cleavage look perky and irresistible. Embellished with intricate embroidery and bead patterns, this semi-sheer lingerie will certainly leave you feeling frisky and magnificent.
      • Vivienne Crocheted Lace Sheer Demi Bra Set (White) – Lavish and classy, the Vivienne demi bra set offers a look that is uniquely irresistible. Featuring unlined sheer lace cups, offering light support and great comfort, with cute little bows and intricate edgings.

      19. Black Bra

      Edith black plunge bra from Kaur's Laurel

      For most women, when it comes to shopping for bras, practicality is always a common virtue. Sure, it would be nice to buy cute lace brassieres and some provocative lingerie, but more often than not, practical ladies always invest their money on something that provides functionality. In this case, a bra that features a neutral color, like nude-colored bras, is always a safe bet.

      However, nude is not the only color that works with any type of clothing. Black will suit almost any top, blouse, or dress you may have in your wardrobe. And for that reason, it is practical to invest in black bras as well. A black bra is perfect under black or dark colored clothing, including dark purples, charcoal grays, browns, dark reds, dark greens and navy. You don’t have to worry about your bra showing through your clothing.

      Another important thing to remember is that black is a bold and sexy color. And black sexy lingerie just says it all. You want to feel sexy and look intriguing and provocative? Wear black.

      • Etoile Unlined Lace Transparent Bra Set (Black) – It’s transparent and it’s black. Every woman should have one or two black bras in her collection. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t pick out the Etoile bra set. Made from comfortable and delicate lace fabric, this unlined sheer brassiere exudes exceptional style and a voguish look.
      • Amelie Lace Unlined Bra Set (Black) – Black is sexy. Black demands attention. Black is power, girl power! Featuring an unlined structure and a sheer lace fabric, the Amelie is the epitome of sensual style and elegance. It’s a must-have for every woman who loves the color.

      20. Strappy Bra

      Kate Strappy Black Bra

      Gone are the days when it was frowned upon to have a piece of your undergarment showing in public places. Back then, to have bra straps and panty seams peeking out from one’s clothing was considered by many as very unladylike. These days, it seems that every girl and woman all over the world is showing off their gorgeous bras by incorporating it into their outfits. Beautiful bras, with all of its adorable frills and elegant straps, take center stage when it comes to women’s fashion.

      If you love integrating your outerwear with your stylish lingerie, the best way to do it is through strappy bras. Backless dress, low back tops, and shoulder-bearing outfits will really shine when worn over a nice bra with adorable straps that are seemingly made for flaunting. In the summertime where sheer low-cut tops are in, a strappy bra would really make for a fashionable ensemble.

      Strappy bras come in a variety of styles and functions. From demi cups to sports bras; any type can have elegant and wildly sophisticated strappy features that will blow your mind.

      • Kate Strappy Lace Plunge Bra Set (Black) – There are many different types of bras that say “I’m sexy” or “I’m adorable,” but nothing explicitly says “I’ll rock your world” better than the Kate Strappy bra set. Featuring a strappy caged back, a diamante emblem and ribbon at the center, plunge demi cup design, and comfortable lace, Kate is nothing less than a work of art you can wear proudly, and flaunt even.
      • Hailey Strappy Plunge Bra with Knickers Set – Hailey is a uniquely-styled lingerie piece that is a cross between a demi cup bra and a racerback. This means it can provide ample support and a great lift effect. Featuring a plunge cut design; the fabric of this amazing bra is made from cotton and chiffon lace. It’s comfortable, stylish, and ultra sexy.

      21. Racerback Bra

      Leona black racerback bra

      A racerback bra is one of those types of bras that are designed to match almost any outfit. One of the most basic features of a racerback bra that’s different from conventional brassieres is the cross strap design at the back, which comes together at the center forming a Y or a T shape. Also known as a T-back bra, racerbacks are an excellent addition to your wardrobe, having the ability to provide solutions to all your bra issues.

      Racerback bras have exceptional back support. They provide an excellent fit for women of all sizes and almost any breast type and shape. Because of the added support that racerback bras provide, most sports bras you find in the market utilize the T-back pattern.

      If you like wearing tank tops and tees, racerback bras make an excellent bra of choice because the combination helps keep the bra straps invisible. If you love to do yoga or do some high impact exercises, a racerback sports bra will help provide the support and the comfort you need for your workout. Every woman should have at least one racerback bra in her lingerie boudoir.

      • Lucie Racerback Push-up Bra Set (Marsala) – This stunning floral lace lingerie set features a push-up design with an all-lace sport-style back and a tad bit of cute adorable straps. Made from smooth lace, embellished with teeny tiny studs, Lucie provides the perfect cleavage-enhancing lift and a figure-flattering shape.
      • Leona Lace Back Demi Bra Set (White) – Luxurious and chic, Leona offers firm support and exceptional comfort with its lace sports back design and gentle underwires. The push-up effect is striking, while the front-center rhinestone clasp gives it some embellishment and personality.

      22. Lingerie Set

      Dulce transparent lingerie set with eyelash lace in fuchsia

      No woman on earth should go on living without at least a couple of lingerie sets. Lingerie is a woman’s best friend, her confidant, her go-to gal pal when she’s feeling down or undesirable. A beautiful lingerie set can make a woman feel powerful and sexy. If watching football and drinking beer make men feel good and masculine, lingerie can make a woman feel like a princess.

      There are three basic reasons why you should invest in a nice set of lingerie; confidence, support, and enhancing your silhouette. When you wear elegant and provocative lingerie, it makes you feel confident and empowered. Gorgeous lingerie is not just for the benefit of your partner, you should remember that. Moreover, good quality lingerie also provides great support for your bust. When you pick out a bra, one of the most important aspects you should look for is the level of support it provides.

      Finally, having gorgeous and well-designed lingerie set can also help improve your silhouette. They are a figure-flattering garment that will not only make you feel good, but look sultry and desirable as well.

      23. Back-Fat Reducing Bra

      Leanne Push Up Back Fat Reducing Bra from Kaur's Laurel

      One of the biggest concerns among women when it comes to wearing bras is the visible back fat, especially when wearing sheer or revealing clothing. Fortunately, there are several styles of bra that help make back fat less visible. Racerback bras, strappy bras, and bras that are specifically designed to help reduce back fat visibility are a great investment if you are concerned about back fat.

      Reducing back fat involves more than just finding the right bra. You need to make sure that the bra is the right fit for your size and bust shape as well. Conventional bras are sized in band size and cup size. You have to find a bra that has the right band size and the appropriate cup size for your figure. A bra band that is too tight can exaggerate back fat visibility. So make sure that when you are shopping for bras and lingerie, you find the appropriate band and cup size.

      Large breasted women should have at least one back-fat reducing bra in their wardrobe. Specifically structured back-fat reducing bras provide extra support and can help promote proper posture.

      These are just some of the bra styles every woman should consider investing in. Although bras are considered undergarments, what you wear underneath your clothes can have a huge impact on how you view yourself as a woman, and how others may view you.

      • April Chiffon & Ribbons Push-up Bra (Pink) – Sugary sweet and luscious, if only one can taste the beauty and elegance of this amazing bra. April features a push-up structure with full coverage design in chiffon fabric, and firm support for the bust. The intricate edgings and delicate frills will surely melt your heart with excitement. 
      • Parlour Push-up Demi Bra & Panty Set (Pink) – Think of sugar and spice (and everything nice) when you look at this astonishing bra and panty set. Its soft and delicate layering accentuates the bust to give it a firm and alluring shape. The demi style and push-up effect allows for a more enticing cleavage, while the mesh and lace fabrics with scalloped embroidery gives it some class and sophistication.
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