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You'll Never Look at Peaches the Same Way Ever Again!

Peaches wearing tiny sexy panties! CUTE!Adorable kawaii peaches wearing sexy little lingerie panties for sale in China

Sex sells, and no one knows that better than a creative fruit vendor in Nanjing, China. This vendor, nicknamed "Mr. Yao," has fashioned a clever marketing ploy by putting sexy little panties on his peaches!

Realising that the romantic Qixi Festival (China's "Valentine's Day") was just around the corner, he created gift boxes of scantily-clad peaches to boost sales. Since then news of his little fruity "bums" have spread all over social media.

The peaches are from Yangshan, Wuxi, a region famous for its lingerie manufacturing. Mr. Yao claims that each panty is custom made and fitted by hand, as opposed to some peach-dressing robot.

According to China News, each box of 9 peaches will run you 498 Yuan, or $80 US. And you know there's big money to be made, as Mr. Yao has apparently filed a patent for his lingerie-clad fruit.

Turned on? Hungry? Cute? Or WTF?

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