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lingerie from the middle ages found inside an East Austrian castleThanks to the work of Austrian archaeologists, we now look like what medieval underwear looked like!

Six centuries of decay inside an East Austrian castle have certainly made the lingerie skimpily fragile. Despite that, fashion historians could make out what people 600 years ago wore underneath their clothes.

The knickers pose an uncanny resemblance to the modern string bikini. 

The medieval bra, on the other hand, is a sight to behold. It reallly could pass off as any modern granny bra, with full-coverage cups and sturdy straps.

And nope, in case you were wondering, the word "bra" (from French brassiere) didn't find its way into the English language until the 1930's. According to writings from the Middle Ages, our ancestors might have understood “bags of the breasts,” “shirts with bags,” or “breast bands” more.

Hilary Davidson, fashion curator at the Museum of London, said the discovery "totally rewrites" fashion history. "It’s rare that everyday garments of any kind survive from this period, let alone underwear," she added.