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9 Instagram Vacation Poses You Need to Steal

1. The Group Jump

A photo posted by Nataly Osmann (@yourleo) on

It’s so bad, it’s good. With this pose being so horribly clichéd, it’d be a travesty to the modern definition of “holiday” to not ‘Gram one of these. You and your pals are probably pros at this already, so let’s get down to the basics.

The backdrop: a turquoise beach, emerald fields or any vast stretch of colored space that’s beautiful on its own, but needs you and your friends to liven it up.

The poses: Make things interesting by assigning a different pose to each person – some with a both hands up, some with one leg higher.

The technique: Using burst mode on your smartphone takes multiple photos at a time, which increases your chances of getting the perfect shot.


2. The Not-a-Selfie Selfie

A photo posted by Garance Doré (@garancedore) on

It’s out of the ordinary but we love how utterly charming it is, whether you’re actually in the picture or not. If the latter, bonus points for seeming more altruistic. It looks more candid if slightly tilted like the pic above.


3. Feet Up Up and Away...

The classic "I'm at a beach/pool and you're not" pose. Must haves include a pedicure or interesting shoes that contrast with the backdrop. Skip the caption to up the envy-inducing effect.


4. High Fashion

Let everyone know your airport style game passes with flying colors. Sunglasses Not recommended for long haul flights when sweats and a baggy jumper might find more use. 


5. Insta-ception

This pose makes already enviable scenes incite even more jealousy from your friends back home. If you don't have an instax or Polaroid buy a cheap postcard. Or get creative: snap your theatre tickets with Broadway in the background, a pair of sunglasses in front of a beach. The possibilities are endless. 

6. Follow Me

These "follow-me" poses featuring model-photographer couple @yourleo have all Instagram fashionistas drooling with their sublime backdrops and outfits. Their shots are obviously taken with a DSLR and require extensive processing. You can certainly do a bootstrapped version with your phone and some intelligent photo editing apps. Our favorite is Pitu (which comes with very realistic fake makeup to boot).


7. The Pedestrian Fashionista

The backdrop can really be anything – you don’t even have to be on holiday (though it helps).

The pose: make sure you accentuate your pins or your outfit. Twirling in a miniskirt achieves both, showing off everything from head to toe. A handbag will add some shape and interest to your outfit. Watch out for cars and other pedestrians which can ruin the shot.


8. Breakfast with a View

Nothing says I'm on holiday more than a hotel breakfast with a picture-perfect view. Otherwise, a colorful spread of local foods is equally as charming and intriguing.


9. Nobody Ain't Got No Time for That...Unless You’re on Holiday

Nothing says I’m on (perpetual) vacation like an over-the-top composed shot featuring way-too-glam dresses, Insta-perfect makeup and a hairstyle that needed 4 sisters to do.

Of course, a much more pedestrian version of this would simply be a sunbathing shot, where your hair is supposed to look like an uncombed mess and sunglasses conceal your make-up free face.

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