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5 Reasons Why Having a B Cup Breast Rocks

5 Reasons Why Having a B Cup Breast Rocks

A lot of women think that having small breasts is a disadvantage. On the contrary, if you take time and consider the possible benefits, you will realize that having a B cup breast or smaller is actually a blessing in disguise. Just because society believes that women with large breasts are sexually attractive doesn’t mean that you have to conform to that belief. Even if you have small breasts, there are a lot of things you can be appreciative about when it comes to your modest bosoms.

Having petite boobs rocks! You don't have to struggle like Miley here.

Here are five reasons why small breasts are awesome.


#1. Better Sex

Small breasts give you better and easier stimulation in the bedroom

More pleasure in the bedroom. Let’s face it, the breasts are one of the major erogenous zones in the female body. And despite what the writers of Penthouse Forum tell you, or what Playboy centerfolds and adult entertainers say, having small boobs actually gives you an edge in bed. Research has shown that small breasts are more sensitive than larger ones. This is due to the fact that small boobs have less fatty tissue, allowing for better stimulation during foreplay. So be proud of your B cup breast, and enjoy them with your significant other.


#2 Better Posture

Small boobs decrease your risk of poor posture which leads to them sagging

C's, D's, DD's—large-breasted women are front-heavy. Whether you realize it or not, having big breasts means you are carrying more weight on the front side of your body. This uneven weight distribution puts a lot of pressure on the back, possibly resulting in all kinds of back pains and posture problems. A pair of D cup breasts can weigh up to 23 pounds; can you imagine walking around all day carrying that kind of weight? That must be exhausting, don’t you think? So be glad that your 34B bra size isn’t that much of a burden to you—better posture and pain-free! And better yet, you don't have to worry about them sagging as you age!


#3 Wearing Button Down Shirts

Busty Girl Problems

Button-down shirts? No problem. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep those double Ds from popping out when donning a button-down shirt? If your work requires you to wear button-down shirts and pantsuits every day, avoiding an embarrassing peek-a-boo moment at the workplace can be a serious challenge. For small-breasted women, button-down shirts are just another type of clothing they rock with confidence.


#4 Bra Diversity

Bra diversity. If you are a 32B bra size or smaller, then finding a bra you like—one that is in your size—has never been an issue, right? Whether you are aware of it or not, most large-breasted women have difficulty finding a trendy brassiere that suits their ample bosoms. They might find something they absolutely love, but unfortunately it doesn’t carry their size. This has always been an issue for the D's and the double D;s of the world. Luckily, you are not of them. You find that having relatively small breasts allow you to have a more diverse selection. This is mainly due to the fact that most bra designers have petite women in mind when developing new bra designs and collections, which is good news for you. You have the freedom to choose whatever bra style you want, from demi bras to figure flattering underwires. For you, the bra aisle is literally filled with endless possibilities and each style is full of potential.


#5 Summertime Bralettes!

Summertime is practically a season made just for you. Yes, your B cup breast is perfectly adapted to enjoy the fun filled activities of the summer. Tube tops, halter tops, backless, strapless, bikini tops, take your pick. Any summertime outfits you can think of will look good on you. Want to go braless under that beautiful top you’ve been dying to wear? Go ahead. T-shirt bras, bandeau, balconettes, yoga bras, any of those will look great under your summertime attire. Take your pick of any type of bra you want, any style or design; they’ll all look good on you.

There are many more advantages to having small breasts. Some say it makes you look and feel younger because those babies stay perky even as you age. We all know that breasts start to sag as we grow older, but not those ladies. Others believe that a 34B bra size or smaller attracts more suitable men. Whether or not this is true, it’s nice to think that a man showing interest in you is not only doing so because of your D cup breast size, right? I mean, there is more to a lady than her cup size after all. 

Recent studies have also shown that small breasts have an advantage in breast cancer detection . When you have small breasts, it’s easier to detect lumps in the breast tissue since there are fewer layers to feel through.

Small boobs enable easier breast cancer detection

What other advantages of small boobs can you think of?

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