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With the sultry days of summer looming over us, it’s hard to resist the siren calls of cold treats like soda. But with the beach, sunbathing and skimpy bikinis also beckoning, perhaps empty calories aren’t the best choice for your physique. Not to mention the bloating and water retention that come from sodas. Here are our favourite tasty ways to beat the heat this summer.


1. Watermelon, Lime & Mint Detox Water

5 Bikini-Body Friendly Alternatives to Soda

    Quench your thirst for sweet drinks with this simple yet incredibly flavorful water. Watermelons are rich in an antioxidant called lycopene, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Mint is also refreshing and soothes an upset stomach.

    Recipe here: Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles


    2. Pineapple & Sugarcane Detox Water 

    Compared to lemon, pineapple is mellower, with acids that are gentler on the teeth. This spa water flavored with pineapple gains a slight sweetness from the sugar cane. You’ll also love the fact that pineapples are excellent for reducing bloating.

    Pineapple and Sugarcane Detox Water 

    Recipe here: A Spicy Perspective


    3. Tomato Water 

    The fragrant amber-colored liquid from a cut ripe tomato is delicious on its own or over ice. You can also use it as a stock replacement in a variety of dishes.

    Tomato Water is a delicious and naturally sweet alternative to soda

    Recipe here: Bon Appetit


    4. Chia Fresca

    This refreshing concoction of coconut water and chia seeds has been a popular drink in Latin America for years. Only recently have these 2 superfoods emerged into the limelight. Coconut water itself is super hydrating and rich in electrolytes. Chia seeds give you a boost of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a cocktail of nutrients including fibre, protein, calcium & various minerals. We’ll take this over an energy drink anyday!

    Chia seed and coconut water detox drink (chia fresca)

    Recipe here: Little Green Dot 


    5. Raspberry Lemon Greek Yogurt Ice Pops 

    Not exactly a replacement for soda, but we couldn’t resist sharing this lusciously sweet and cold treat here! The richness of thick Greek yogurt makes this hard to distinguish from ice cream. It’s a pleasant combination with tangy raspberry and lemon –like the classic orange creamsicle with half the calories. The recipe calls for sugar, but you can easily replace it with stevia or agave to further lower the calorie content.

    Raspberry Lemon Greek Yogurt Popsicles

    Recipe here: Annie's Eats

    Which one of these recipes will you try this summer?